The Year 2002 Summer School Commitee invites you to participate in the forthcoming Summer School
session beginning July 22 and ending August 9, 2002.
Based on this year's Summer School theme of HERE, NOW, AND BEYOND WITH CHRIST, the calasses will be centered around our textbook The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, including Rosicrucian Beginning and Advanced Philosophy, Western Wisdom Bible Interpretation, Health and Healing, and Spiritual Astrology.
Classes will be presented daily Monday through Friday. Inspiring evenings presentation will also be given.
These classes and presentation will seek to guide you on the Path of Preparation and to open your mind and heart into expanded Christed Consciousness.
All classes are open to the public. Our classes as well as our correspondence courses are given on a love-offering basis in accordance with the Rosicrucian precept of "Give as the heart dictates and the means permit".
For overnight guests, accomodations are available at our Guest House. please make your inquires concerning Guest House rates and or additional information or reservations at your earliest convenience, as the Guest House accomodations are limited. no reservations are necessary to attend any of the daily or evening classes.










The Rosicrucian Fellowship

An International Association of Christian Mystics
dedicated to preaching the Gospel and healing the sick

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God's Living Fire

by Emma Wendt




Leo, living fires,

Whith in Thy center raying,

Sun Flame,

Symbol of God's Holy Light, displaying.

Riding through the vaulted skies,

Were the Lords of Flame,

From the Thrones of Paradise,

To mankind they came.


Divine, is the love,

That from God's heart is flowing,

This love, keeps the planets in their orbits going.

Lord and Ruler of our souls,

Teach us how to love,

Hold us in Thy orbit sure,

Here as 'tis above.



























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The Rosicrucian Fellowship

2002 English Summer School

July 26 - August 9th