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Grateful acknowledgement is hereby extend to Elizabeth Hill and Ann Barkhurst for invaluable editorial and proof reading assistance in the preparation of this publication; also to Frances Paelian for her illustrative art work.


"My yoke is easy and my burden is light".

This volume, which may be considered the seventh in the series on New Age Bible Interpretations, together with the six volumes previously published, are humbly and gratefully dedicated first and foremost to

My Reverend Teacher and Beloved Friend


Whose encouragement in undertaking this work and whose inspiration and assistance in pursuing it have been incalculable.







A belief commonly prevails that December 25th, celebrated as Christmas, brings to a close the spiritual festival of the mid- winter solstitial season. This is not true. It only marks the beginning or the entrance upon a period of deep significance. That period is the twelve-day interval between Christmas and Twelfth Night, days which embrace the spiritual heart of the year to follow. These twelve days have been very aptly termed the year's Holy of Holies.

This work is designed for serious students of the Christian Mysteries, to assist them in placing themselves in more complete attunement with the twelve zodiacal forces released upon the earth during this time.

Everyone of the twelve Holy Days is under the direct supervision of one of the twelve zodiacal Hierarchies, each one of which projects over the planet a cosmic pattern of the world as it will be when the combined work of the Hierarchies has been completed. Also, the twelve Disciples are correlated with these twelve Holy Days, as are the twelve spiritual centers through which the twelve forces operate in man's body-temple.

Every earnest student will, therefore, make use of this sacred period for visualizing the perfected work of the Hierarchies, in meditation upon the life and work of the Disciples, and in directing the spiritual radiations from the Hierarchies through the inner centers in his body to which they are attuned. If he is faithful and persists year after year in-this high endeavor, he can- not fail to receive compensation in the form of great spiritual unfoldment.

From the time of the Winter Solstice when the Christ light enters the heart of earth, the planet is swept by powerful solstitial radiations which continue, though somewhat abated, through- out the twelve Holy Days. Many and wondrous are the inner plane activities during this time. The early Christian Church concluded its esoteric ministry on the mystical Twelfth Night with the Rite of Baptism, one of its highest Initiations. Modern neophytes who have earned illumination know that it is then possible to enter into communion with divine Beings and the Lord of Light. It was such an experience that inspired St. john's Gospel, frequently designated the "Gospel of Love."

In the outer darkness of the present historical era man has largely lost contact with the Christ light and these days of spirit- renewing. By the travail of soul through which he is now passing, he is destined to find them again and to make them a vital part of his daily life and his yearly consecration. May this work serve him to that end.


On December 26th dedication is made to the Hierarchy of Aries, the Hierarchy which sets the cosmic pattern for life during the month that the Sun is transiting the sign Aries. From March 20th to April 21st Aries holds the archetypal pattern of a perfected earth above the world. This is the new heaven and the new earth envisioned by St. John and recorded in his sublime Revelation.

According to all sacred calendars Aries introduces the solar New Year. Therefore it is termed the sign of resurrected consciousness. One who has attained this consciousness sees and knows only the divine in all persons, things, circumstances, conditions and events. Seeing the Godward side is the motif of dedication throughou the the Aries period.

The Disciple correlated with Aries is James, brother of John. He was the first to answer the call of discipleship and the first to walk the path of martyrdom, a true spiritual pioneer. During the month of Aries an aspirant should study the life of James and endeavor to emulate his virtues.

The body center related to Aries is the head, and the Hierarchy projects the pattern of the human head in all its divine and wondrous perfection. A student is urged to visualize the head with its spiritual organs awakened and illumined, and all its functions in full maturity.

The biblical seed thought for meditation on both December 26 and during the solar month of April (March 20th to April 21st) is the quotation:

Behold, I make all things new.-Rev. 21:5

Aspirants are admonished to meditate upon the inner meanings of the above passage while the vibratory rhythms of Aries are permeating the earth.


Dedication for December 27th and through the solar month of May, April 21st to May 22nd, is to the Hierarchy of Taurus. This is the Hierarchy presiding over the realm of cosmic archetypes and the pattern it holds above the earth is that of perfected forms. Love and harmony are the forces that it continually pours out upon our planet.

The Disciple correlating with Taurus is Andrew, whose dis- tinguishing characteristic is humility. This is one of the most important attributes to be cultivated by every aspirant. When developed to a certain high degree it becomes a tremendous soul power.

The throat is the body center ruled by Taurus. In New Age bodies the throat will be a luminous center from which the divine Creative Word is sent forth.

Dedication for December 27th and the solar month of May consists in making oneself a more perfect channel for the reception and dissemination of love and harmony in all the varied experiences of life, be they joyful or sorrowful, exalting or de- pressing. The biblical seed thought for meditation on the second of the Twelve Holy Days and its correlated month is:

He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God. -I John 4: 16

Aspirants are urged to meditate upon the deep significance of the above passage during the entire period that the vibratory rhythms of Taurus are permeating the earth sphere.


The dedication for December 28th and through the solar month of June is to the Hierarchy of Gemini. The cosmic pattern held by this Hierarchy for the earth is that of great peace, the peace which passeth all understanding and which will be the heritage of the coming Christed race.

Characteristics to be cultivated during the Gemini period are such peace and poise as St. Paul had attained that enabled him to say, "None of these things [of the outer world] move me." And thus sings the psalmist of the highest Gemini attributes: "He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters."

Gemini rules the hands. These are to be visualized as flower centers, fragrant, luminous and endowed with the precious gifts of healing and of bestowing benediction.

The Disciple correlated with Gemini is Thomas. So intimately did he become identified with the Christ that his doubts, natural to the mortal mind, were transcended by a dynamic realization of the Christed powers previously latent within him- self. Many and wondrous were the miracles he performed following this transformation.

The biblical seed thought for meditation on December 28th and during the solar month of June, May 22nd to June 22nd, is :

Be still, and know that I am God. -Psalm 46: 10

Aspirants are instructed to meditate upon the deepest meanings of this passage during the whole period that the vibratory rhythms of Gemini permeate the earth planet.


December 29th and the solar month of July, June 22nd-July 23rd, are dedicated to the Hierarchy of Cancer, which holds for earth the cosmic pattern of exaltation of the divine feminine principle in all creation. This sign is the home of the glorious World Mother, a high Initiate of the Cancer Hierarchy. This Being, and the principle for which she stands, are recognized and deified in all great world religions.

Aries deals with life; Taurus with form; Gemini with mind; Cancer with soul--soul as the revealer of truth. Consequently, dedication for the Cancer month is devotion to a quest for the light never yet seen on land or sea.

Nathaniel is the Disciple correlated with Cancer. He is a mystic in whom there is no guile.

The body center governed by Cancer is the solar plexus, some- times referred to as "the sun of the stomach." In pre-Christian days this center was considered a most important one in relation to initiatory development. And in the new Christed race the solar plexus will again be linked with spirit, for the sympathetic nervous system will be transformed into the feminine column of the human body-temple.

For December 29th and during the solar month of July this is the biblical seed thought assigned for meditation:

But it we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another. -I John 1:7

I Aspirants who faithfully meditate upon the real significance of this passage while the vibratory rhythms of Cancer pervade our sphere will be rewarded by knowing such fellowship.


December 30th and the solar month of August, July 23rd- August 24th, are dedicated to the Hierarchy of Leo. The cosmic pattern held by this host of celestial Beings is that the earth be permeated by the power of love, even as divine wisdom is interwoven into the entire fabric of nature, while this Hierarchy holds sway above our planet. All activities should be motivated by this power. Every thought should be radiant with love; every word vibrant with love; every deed embellished by love.

Judas is the Disciple correlated with Leo. Herein is indicated the great transforming power of love.

An intimate relationship exists between Judas and John. Judas typifies personality; john, the spirit. A deep significance is attached to the fact that Judas, after betraying the Christ, took his own life. Personality must always wane that spirit may wax strong. St. Paul admonishes aspirants to the Christed Way to put off the old man and put on the new.

As personality becomes subordinated to the spirit, man's lower love nature-concerned entirely with the personal life that is transient and must, therefore, die as did Judas-is superseded by that higher love nature evidenced by John the Beloved, the Disciple who never knew death and who was closest of the Immortal Twelve to the heart of the Master.

The body center correlated with Leo is the heart. As this center unfolds its divine latencies it will become more and more powerful and luminous, until its radiance is that of "the day star which shines unto the perfect day."

And love is the subject of the biblical seed thought for meditation on December 30th and all through the solar month of August:

Love is the fulfilling of the law. -Romans 13: 10

Every aspirant should concentrate on the innermost import of this passage while the vibratory rhythms of Leo are permeating the earth.


Dedication for December 31st and the solar month of September, August 24th-September 23rd, is to the Hierarchy of Virgo. Leo's love leads to Virgo's service.

That divine Being whom we know as the World Mother is the prototype for the Madonnas of all great religions; she is the teacher of these high feminine Initiates at certain stages of their development.

During the time that Virgo's ray permeates our sphere this Hierarchy holds high above the planet the cosmic pattern of a cleansed and rejuvenated earth. At a certain point in human attainment purity becomes a tremendous soul power - a verity stressed by the Lord Christ when He said, "The pure in heart shall see God." The Disciple who correlates with the sign Virgo is James the just, brother of Jude and Simon. For many years he was revered as the head of the early Church in Jerusalem, and was well known for his purity of character and consecration to selfless service.

The intestinal tract is the physical center of man's body- temple correlating with Virgo. Let the aspirant visualize that tract as manifesting perfection in its every function.

From the Gospel of Matthew-Chapter 23, Verse 11-comes the biblical seed thought for December 31st and the solar month of Virgo:

But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant.

Those aspiring to spiritual unfoldment are urged to meditate upon the deep significance of this magnificent passage so long as the vibratory rhythms of the Virgo Hierarchy are permeating this planet.


Dedication for January 1st and the solar month of October, September 23rd-October 24th, is to the Hierarchy of Libra. The cosmic pattern held by this Hierarchy is the world beautiful. Its imprint is to be seen in every landscape; every tree, shrub and plant; every form in the various kingdoms of nature. Beauty and harmony are Libra's signatures. Hence, whatsoever comes under the influence of this celestial sign will express these divine attributes. When humanity receives more fully its influence, poverty, disease, discord and pain will be abolished.

The Disciple correlating with Libra is Jude. This Disciple was a minister of the beautiful. Many and far-reaching in results were the works he performed as its devotee.

The human body center correlating with Libra is to be found in the adrenal glands. These glands, when functioning properly, create absolute physical and psychological balance through each organ and its processes.

Meditation for the first of January and the solar month of October is on the biblical seed thought of John 8: 32:

Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Great are the inner meanings of this passage. An aspirant should meditate upon them on January 1st and every day that the vibratory rhythms of Libra are focused upon the earth.


For January 2nd and the solar month of November, October 24th-November 23rd, dedication is to the Hierarchy of Scorpio. The cosmic pattern which this Hierarchy is working to establish on earth is attainment through transmutation of matter into spirit. By this process the sublimated essences of mind and body become merged with the forces of spirit.

John the Beloved is the Disciple who correlates with Scorpio. Transmutation was the keynote of his life. He progressed so far in the divine science of transmuting matter into spirit that he never knew death.

The physical center correlating with Scorpio is the generative system. In an earnest aspirant this becomes the center of transmutation. As previously mentioned, there is a close relationship between Judas (personality) and John (spirit). Judas must die that John may reign supreme.

There is also a strong connection between the heart (Leo) and the generative system (Scorpio). So long as personality dominates, the former is under the control of the latter. When personality has been exalted into spiritualized individuality it is the heart that rules. In the body of Christed man human passion has been transmuted into divine love.

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.-Matt. 5:8

This is the biblical seed thought for meditation on January 2nd and during the solar month of November. It is urged that the aspirant concentrate upon its deep significance on the second day of each New Year and while the vibratory rhythms of Scorpio flood the earth.


Dedication on January 3rd and during the solar year of December, November 23rd-December 22nd, is to the Hierarchy of Sagittarius, the Lords of Mind. The cosmic pattern held by these glorious Beings is of earth as a vast altar-piece made radiant by the golden aura of the supreme Light of the World.

The Disciple Philip correlates to Sagittarius. Before he found the Lord he had no concept of what a spiritualized, or Christed mind would mean in his life. He was essentially a mentalist. But after the Christ light was shed upon him he became worthy to be numbered among the Immortal Twelve.

Sagittarius,operates through the sacral plexus, the body center located at the base of the spine. The spinal cord, which connects the sacral plexus with the brain, has been termed " the Path of Discipleship." When an aspirant lives a life motivated solely by pure and holy aspiration, the spinal spirit-fire coiled within the sacral plexus awakens and then ascends through the spinal cord to the two spiritual organs located in the head, the pineal gland and the pituitary body. It is by this process that a man's mind becomes Christed. Hence, Sagittarius is always symbolized by light, the light of spiritualized mind.

When rightly appropriated and transmuted into soul values, the experiences of daily life become stepping-stones by which an aspirant attains to atonement with the universal Divine Light, the Light that lighteth every man who cometh into the world. It was to such that the Master was speaking when He said:

Ye, are the light -of the world. -Matt. 5: 14

This is the biblical seed thought for January 3rd and through- out the time that the Hierarchy of Sagittarius pours its vibratory rhythms upon the earth. Untold blessings await those who meditate upon its promise.


Dedication for January 4th and the solar month of January, December 22nd-january 20th, is to the Hierarchy of Capricorn. These are the archangelic Beings of whom Christ is the head, and THE TWELVE HOLY DAYS 37 from them comes the wondrous power whereby mortal man can be lifted into His likeness. It is also the sign of world Avatars.

The cosmic pattern held by the Hierarchy of Capricorn en- visions the magnificent scope of life when the Christ spirit manifests in all mankind. Then it is that our planet will respond to its own musical keynote, first sounded by Angels and Archangels on that long ago Holy Night when they sang "On earth peace, good will toward men."

The Disciple correlating with Capricorn is Simon, brother of James and Jude. Although Simon was close to his Lord by family ties, he was most reluctant about accepting the divinity of the Master. But when he was finally awakened by the Christ his dedication was complete. His one desire was to serve the Lord, and neither life nor death had any meaning for him apart from this ideal.

The dual body center correlating with the sign Capricorn is located in the knees. In Christed man these points will become glorious whirling vortices of light.

Galatians 4:19 gives the biblical seed thought for meditation on January 4th and during the solar month of January:

Let the Christ be formed in you.

Aspirants should meditate upon the above passage until its inner purport falls into harmony with the vibratory rhythms to which the Hierarchy of Capricorn is attuning the earth.


Dedication on January 5th and throughout the solar month of February, January 20th-February 19th, is upon the Hierarchy of Aquarius. During these two periods this Hierarchy holds above the earth a cosmic pattern embodying the ideals of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, the foundation for a type of friendship that is destined to expand until it becomes all inclusive and world embracing. This ideal should be held in the soul's Holy of Holies and never marred or desecrated by an unworthy thought, word or deed. Working to bring it into manifestation is the mission of Aquarius, the divine water-bearer of the skies.

Through the benign influence of the Aquarian Hierarchy love will become the motivating force in all that lives. In that glad day an emancipated humanity will show forth, as St. Paul prophesied, love as the fulfilling of the law.

In other words, every law will be founded upon love and love, in turn, will bring the fulfillment of every law.

Aquarius is the home of Angels, and the above aptly describes the joyous life of these celestial Beings.

The Disciple correlating with Aquarius is Matthew, the rich publican and sinner who, when he heard the voice of the Lord, left all and followed Him gladly. He renounced all worldly possessions for which he later received rare compensation in the form of a spiritual realization which found expression in the immortal Gospel bearing his name-a priceless heritage to all mankind.

The two lower limbs form the dual body organs correlating with Aquarius. They are the two columns of man's body temple and should be visualized as coordinated in motion and symmetrical in form.

The biblical seed thought for meditation on January 5th and during the solar month of February is John 15:4.

Ye are my friends.

If an aspirant will concentrate upon the subtle meanings hidden in these four short words, and keep them alive in consciousness while the Aquarian rhythms vibrate above and through earth, great will be his illumination.


The dedication for January 6th and the solar month of March, February 19th to March 20th, is to the Hierarchy of Pisces. This Hierarchy works to bring into manifestation the principle of unification throughout all creation. Ralph Waldo Emerson gave a perfect Piscean inscription: "The Imperfect adores my own Perfect. Life is no longer a thing of shreds and patches, but a glorious divine unity."

Pisces is the last sign before the birth of the spiritual new year, a period of recapitulation and self-examination. It marks the sunset of a past life and the sunrise of a new life.

The cosmic pattern held above the earth by this Hierarchy, is one of perfected man, created in the image and likeness of God and manifesting the divine within himself. Godlike Man is the keynote of Pisces, as it is also the cosmic pattern of Aries. In fact, the perfecting of man is and has been the divine labor of all twelve creative Hierarchies since the beginning of human evolution. When it comes to its ultimate completion it will be under the ministry of the Piscean Hierarchy.

Peter is the Disciple who correlates with Pisces-Peter the unstable, the "wave" man who, after he had awakened the Christ principle within himself through his faith, became the Rock of Initiation on which the church was founded.

The dual body center correlating with Pisces is the feet, and in the human race at large this center is yet to be awakened. In the vision of Fatima the children described particularly the beautiful roses blooming upon the hands and feet of the Blessed Lady.

This body made in the image and likeness of God will be luminous with scintillating stars, or flowers, awakened within its vital centers. This glorified body is the golden wedding garment described by St. Paul as the glorified celestial body. It was his vision of this luminous vehicle in the Memory of Nature which inspired him to declare in exaltation: that man is "little lower than the angels"; and it doth not yet appear what he shall be.

For meditation on January 6th while the vibratory rhythms of Pisces pervade the earth, and during the solar month of March, the following biblical seed thought is assigned:

So God created man in his own image. Gen. 1: 27.

During the twelve Holy Days between Christmas and Twelfth Night the earth is enveloped by the light of the archangelic Christ. The fragrance of His transcendent aura permeates the planet with a rare perfume, like an intermingling of the breath of fairest roses and purest lilies. But the radiant light and healing fragrance are gradually absorbed by the earth during this sacred interval, making it an ideal time for soul dedication to the Path of Holiness.



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