The Aquarian Age


Elsa M.Glover


To those who seek freedom


   The Aquarian Age is dawning, and its influence will gradually free men from the bondages of mind and spirit which they have suffered for thousands of years. Elsa M. Glover's The Aquarian Age foretells of these sweeping changes to come, offering hope and assurance that the freed mind and spirit will soar to yet undreamed-of heights.

   Dr. Glover explains how, during the Piscean Age, man's ignorance of his potential kept him from developing his creative abilities, man's lack of self-esteem kept him dependent on others for approval, and man's fear of the unknown kept him from wanting to explore new ideas or even associate with anyone who might have a different perspective on life than his own.

   Dr. Glover shows how the Aquarian Age will, however, help people to break out of the shell of ignorance, lack of self-esteem, and fear so that they can become, for the first time in history, truly free. As people become free to explore their own inner natures, the world around them, and other peoples, unprecedented advances will be made in self-actualization, scientific understanding and invention, and universal love.


About the Author

   Elsa M. Glover graduated from the University of Rochester with a bachelor of science degree in physics and went on to study at Purdue University. She graduated from Purdue with both a master's degree and a Ph.D. in physics, and she is currently a professor of physics at Stillman College. Ms. Glover has also studied scientific astrology and Christian mysticism for many years. The author has written and lectured widely on such subjects as science and religion, astrodiagnosis and Aquarian conflict resolution.






I. The Nature of Astrological Influences


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