Francisco-Manuel Nácher López

As a member of the Rosicrucian Fellowship, I have a dream. A dream in which I
see that we are all walking, hand in hand, towards the future with: confidence,
joy, determination, faith in God and in our inner Christ, and with the security
of walking along the right way while looking for the highest goal.
It is a dream in which ambition, egotism, disagreement, hate, gossip, slander,
envy, separatism, impiety, forgetfulness of the lessons and the light in which
we ought to be walking have been changed into unselfish love, friendship, joy,
spiritual gladness, keeness, aspiration, reliance, devotion, thankfulness,
plenitude and happiness.
It is a dream in which there are no differences among students or probationers
throughout the world. A dream where, neither the language, nationality, colour,
culture, or economic level matters. A dream in which the Board of Trustees is
consciously formed by probationers from all over the world at the service of the
students and probationers from all over the world without any distinction.
It is a dream in which all members are conscious that they are Virginal Spirits
and that, at the end, we all evolve together. Knowing that we evolve only
because we did it together. And realizing that there are much more things that
unit us than aspects that separate us.
It is a dream in which we all fix our attention only upon the better. It is a
dream in which the mild breezes of love warm the cockles of our hearts and the
sweet aroma of the fraternity perfumes our lives. It is a dream in which we
embrace all men in our hearts and share their pain, joy, illness, their
illusion, realities and dreams as if they were our own.
It is a dream in which we are all conscious of being the guardians and
depositaries of a great treasure, and of constituing an immense power which may
change the world. And in addition we are confidente that we are successful.
It is a dream in which Max Heindel’s Teachings are spreading in the four
cardinals as a result of our hard work. Because of this, our world has learned
to think, feel, smile share, love, and find a friend in each man we meet; thusly
working for the truth, the good and the beautiful.
It is a dream where each one of us is important, very important, but not one
more important than another.
It is a wonderful dream where each one of us, in his work, in his family, in his
actions, in his thoughts and in his words, knows and feels that all together we
are only a big one with the ultimate unique goal of doing God’ s will.



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