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Welcome! We present informative articles written by our members and links to some of the best holistic articles on the web. Your Healing Arts and Planetary Healing articles are welcome. Please direct your articles and comments to:


Snake Swirl
by Paul Heussenstamm


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Recipe of the Week: Baked Cauliflower from the French Broad Food Co-op
Simple and delicious - just bake cauliflower, onion, parsley, garlic, stewed tomatoes and Parmesan cheese together for 40 minutes.


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Top Ten Ways To Maximize Vitality Through Food

by William Klenk / Macrobiotic Cook, Cooking Instructor and graduate of the Kushi Institute
The foundation for health is the food we eat. Once one is satisfied and nourished on that fundamental level, disciplines like yoga, tai chi and meditation develop the individual further. However, if the food we eat is weak, if it lacks vitality, lacks a charge, then the person ingesting that food will be operating from that lower, less energized place. This charge the Chinese call "chi"; the Japanese call "Ki" and the Indians call "Prana." It is an invisible life-giving nourishment that flows from the environment (internal and external) into the body. It is sometimes difficult to control our external environment but we have complete control over our internal environment: the food we eat.

The Healing Power of Yoga

by Ruth White / Yoga Instructor and Director of the Surrey Iyengar Yoga Centre
The increasing popularity of yoga in the last five years also bears witness to a massive shift in consciousness as people discover the healing power of one of the world’s oldest spiritual practices as a way of rediscovering their own body and ‘self’. Yoga helps slow down an over-active mind, while at the same time toning up the body, removing toxins, and relieving pains, back ache and injuries. Medical science is only just discovering what Indian physicians have known for more than half a century - that yoga can relieve a whole host of ailments from diabetes to asthma. My own life was irrevocably changed by yoga 25 years ago when Iyengar, the revered Indian master, helped me cure a serious back problem through back strengthening yoga positions. The results were astounding, and much preferable to the months of immobility in a plaster cast, which a specialist of conventional medicine had prescribed.

The Suburban Woman's Vision Quest

by by Robin Dilley / Clinical Psychologist
In Native American cultures, individuals go on what is called a Vision Quest. It is one of the oldest traditions and tools used by Native people to seek direction in their life. This article helps us non-Native people who don't have strong communities, who don't have Medicine People in our lives, and who live in a culture that does not respect the internal or spiritual component to life. This article presents various ways to make your own vision quest, helping you find your way in the darkness and seek direction in your lives. Not that we necessarily live in times where this type of Vision Quest is impractical, but the reality is that the majority of us are not going to walk out into the wilderness and spend the next three nights sitting in a circle under a tree.

Kabbalistic Healing And Its Relevance To Modern Life

by Dr. Jodi Prinzivalli / Clinical Psychologist and Founder and Director of the Center for Energetic Psychology
Kabbalists believe, contrary to many healing arts and sciences, that healing cannot be given to or done to or made to happen by the healer. Energy is never willfully or intentionally moved, changed, pushed in or pulled out. The will of the healer is considered not only irrelevant but often a hindrance to the healing force. The skill of the healer lies therefore in a completely different arena than with most energetic and traditional medicine techniques. The skill lies in the complete absence of the self, absence of ideas about healing, about what should happen, even through clairvoyant vision or high sense perception. The skill involves becoming a completely empty vessel so that the Divine Intelligence can find its place. And ironically, the more skilled the healer, the more difficult this becomes, since we need to unlearn old patterns.

Living Outside the Box - and Transforming It

by Dipali Desai / Ordained Minister of Light, Certified Transformative Astrologer & Reiki Master
We have all heard this innovative idea before - "living outside of the box." With conscious awareness, willingness and intention, I can then choose to dismantle or shape-shift the box - which opens the way for Transformation, allowing authentic Truth to emerge, and shows the multi facets that I have yet to discover, experience as well as explore. Then the reality becomes an infinite field of possibilities! Can you imagine, the freedom, richness of creativity and alive energy that is there? Change your beliefs to what is possible and you open up a box right there!

What is Spiritual Healing?

by Mary Bell, R.N.C. / Spiritual Healer and Creator of the Foundation for Unity Consciousness
Spiritual healing is not faith healing or a power that one possesses. It is really a process of personal development through which one is able to act as a conduit for spiritual energy, to ground it, to allow oneself to be utilized as a vehicle or a servant for spirit or for God. Spiritual healers don't themselves have the power to heal anyone or anything. But they learn to hold spaces of energy where healing can occur through the intention of the recipient. They learn to do this through intensive courses of study where they study energy fields and how they work, learn to ground energy through themselves in specific ways, and do personal work for purification of their own psychological and spiritual issues. It is only through the healing of oneself that a healer can learn this work and be of help to someone else.

Internal Yoga for Sexual Vitality

by Marci Javril / Master Bodyworker, Ordained Minister, Movement Therapist and Tantra Yoga Teacher
Yogis and the ancient Chinese have known that in order to be self-sufficient and isolated in the mountains, the body needed to be flexible, efficient, sensitive, and sturdy. They designed physical techniques for internal cleansing that needed to be done either manually or by one's own body's mechanisms. Using the anal sphincter lock and upward draw, the indigenous Polynesians and Egyptians drew sea water into the colon, for a natural enema effect. In order to gain instead of losing energy during love-making, tantric practitioners use these recycling techniques for preserving sexual energy. Pumping the base chakra with specific breathing and visualizations are meditative techniques that can lead to full-blown spiritual visions and inner blissful states.

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