March 1901 – August 1990

Writer, philosopher, artist, mystic & occultist.


“We cannot escape problems by denying them or running away from the decisions which they require. There is only one permanent remedy for any critical situation: We must outgrow it. The moment we are bigger than the problem, it ceases, and can never return. If, however, we attempt to evade a problem, it will come back time after time to plague us. Would it not, then, be wise to make growth our reason for living? Let us master whatever skill or ability is necessary, so that we can do our work well and without fear or worry. As we grow, we also find that increased knowledge and understanding bestow new dimensions upon commonplace activities. Life is more wonderful as we understand it. We experience real joy in doing things well as we become skilful and self-confident.”






“In quietude and in the relaxation of mind, we can gradually become aware of the doctrine of the heart, and we know that as we retire into the heart, we come nearer and nearer to life itself. Man is gong out into space to explore life, but he will never find the answer there. The infinite wisdom of the universe has put all the answers that man can ever need so close to him that he does not have to walk around the block to find them. For within the heart of man there are bridges extending to the infinite in all directions. The heart is the gateway to the eternal, and those who have never explored this path, who have never attempted to open this gate, are not qualified to say that this is not true.


Down through history, there have been individuals who have explored the regions of the heart. They have sought to know what was in this core, and wherever they have sought, they have come to identically the same discovery. They have discovered that the road into the heart is indeed the golden road that leads to everything that is right and proper for the human being; that the individual who finds his own heart, who learns to live with it, who learns to know it as a magic garden within himself – this individual comes into a world of values, and by this circumstance alone, becomes enlightened in character. He comes into experiences which are so important that he can no longer afford to sacrifice them, and has no desire to. He discovers that with all the chaos in the world, no man is further from peace than he is from his own heart."






In 1934 Manly Palmer Hall founded the Philosophical Research Society, Inc 3910 Los Feliz Boulevard - Los Angeles 27, California, which still exists today. It had an extensive library* of some 50,000 books collected by Manly Palmer Hall during his long lifetime, it used to give regular lectures, seminars, and has a bookshop etc. *It's some years since I was last there and, since Manly's passing, things may have changed. Check out their website.


Recommended books: -


·        The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

·        Lectures on Ancient Philosophy.

·        First Principles of Philosophy.

·        The Phoenix, an Illustrated Review of Occultism & Philosophy.

·        Self-Unfoldment by Disciplines of Realisation.

·        Man, The Grand Symbol of the Mysteries.

·        Orders of the Universal Reformation – Utopias.

·        Orders of the Great Work - Alchemy

·        Therapeutic Value of Music Including the Philosophy of Music.

·        The Most Holy Trinosophia of the Comte de St. Germain.


To purchase any of these books, cassette lectures or videos of Manly Palmer Hall then visit the Philosophical Research Society's website by clicking on the link here: